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iCare Housing is an Approved Housing Body that has been set up specifically to help people in mortgage arrears to remain in their family homes.

If you have previously been put forward for Mortgage to Rent and it not progress you may still be eligible for the iCare Solution.

The Vision

iCare Housing has been set up to offer those who are in mortgage arrears an opportunity to resolve the challenge they face.

Many can’t pay the mortgage and are being pursued by the bank in a series of endless court cases. 

iCare is a regulated Approved Housing Body with one purpose and that is to buy suitable homes from banks where the mortgage holder can’t pay the mortgage and is eligible for social housing.

Many are burdened not only by the pressure of debt but also the uncertainty of where they will live.

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Ocean House, Arran Quay, Dublin 7, D07DHT3

1800 233 244

Monday - Friday: 08:00-18:00 | Saturday: 08:00-16:00